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Tamar Dick

Contract Artist • Scenic Artist • Set Painter • Special F/X Artist • Entertainment Industry, Motion Pictures and Film

Hi, I'm Tamar Dick. Welcome to my site and thank you for finding me here!

Tamar Dick's Bio:

Tamar Dick has a 25 year experience history in the fine arts and entertainment industry.


"Self-educated, beginning at an early age, Tamar Dick left the east coast at 18 years of age for career oppertunities in the Entertainment Industry in California.


Beginning as a freelance artist and cutting her teeth on a variety of low-budget projects and horror movies, she was initiated into IATSE Local 729 while employed on the second season of John Landis's, Dream On. In 1991 she became a working member of union productions as a Set Painter, but still continued her passion for more of the creative freedoms that the independent film productions and projects offered."


With strengths in tackling technically challenging projects and attention to fine detail, she has established herself as a leading talent in the scenic and contract arts, spanning a diverse genre of projects and applications. With skills ranging from improvising on a limited budget to large scale union productions, no project is beyond the scope of the imagination and the dedication in bringing it to fruition.


Tamar has kept busy in the arts and entertainment field throughout the US and Canada, and has shown her artwork in art galleries in California and on the east coast.

Tamar Dick's Experience:

  • Founding Board Member at SouthSide Film Festival

    Festival Committee Chair: Resource Coordinator • Coordinated Work With 3 Additional Committees : Filmmaker Coordinator • Venue Coordinator • Press Release Coordinators

  • Commercial / Industrial Painter at Moffett Commercial Paint Contracting

    Six Flags Over Texas • Abbott Laboratories • Mohawk Labs • Behr Climate Systems • Solvay Engineered Polymers • Texas Instruments • Rocket Air Supply • Haliburton Energy Services • Pepsi-Cola/Pepsico • Sachem, Inc. • Johnson Controls • Cowboys Stadium • On The Border Restaurants • Landmark Aviation

  • Set Painter at I.A.T.S.E. Local 729 Set Painters & Sign Writers

    HIGHLIGHTS: JAG / NCIS (Season Premiere) • State of Grace • Crusade (Lead Painter - Season One) • Babylon 5 • Felicity • Godzilla (1997) • Working • Rosanne • Deadly Games • Caroline in the City • Seinfeld • Grace Under Fire • Beverly Hills 90210 • The Last Action Hero • Where I Live (Disney Pilot) • Quantum Leap • The Owl (Lorimar Pilot) • Class Act • Dream On (Second Season)

  • Miniature Painting at Freelance Artist

    ORBITZ 3 Commercial Spots (Fantasy II Film Effects) • The Last Man on Planet Earth a.k.a. Adam (Sci-Fi Channel) • No Way Back (NEO Pictures) • Firestone Commercial • Wonderful World of Disney / Mann's Chinese Theater Commercial (Design Setters) • Flight of the Intruder (Miniature Fabrication/Painting)

  • Contract Artist at Freelance Artist

    Antique Coffee Table, Scenic Antique Paint Application (Resurfacing/Refinishing) • POPMART Art Gallery, Halloween Shows (Illustrative Works) • 21st Century Toys, Ultimate Soldier Line (Prototype Painting) • Wake Me When I'm Famous Art Gallery, in collaboration with Todd Masters (Sculpture Installation) • Ferangi Staff (Star Trek Props / Replicas) • Fuzio Bistro, Previously Mezzaluna in Brentwood, Ca (Scenic Treatment of Patio Enclosure) • Thomas R. Dickens Yangchuanosaurus Model Kit (Prototype Painting) • Art Restoration, Pasedena Church (Resin Replacement / Paint Match to Original) • "Poison Ivy" (Wardrobe/Costume: Commissioned Artwork) • Lucky Store Commercial (Prop Fabrication)

  • Scenic Artist at Freelance Artist

    "Scream" - Music Video (Tribal Scenery) • "Miracle Landing" (Introvision International)

  • Lead Scenic Painter at Freelance Artist

    Creature Unknown a.k.a. Inhuman (Micheal Burnett Productions) • Sasquatch Hunters a.k.a. Primeval (The Flickerscope Company) • Quigley (Quigley Productions) • 2001 Chrysler-Plymouth International Photo Ad Campaign (Primary Scenery) • 3 International Commercials (Practical & Miniature - Tribal Scenery) • Without Charlie (Without Vicki Productions) • Sean Masterson, Don't Judge, Just Love (TV Pilot) • Lucent Technologies Commercial

  • Special Effects Artist at Freelance Artist

    Stargate SG-1 (Seaming) • Beer Money (Seaming) • Dinosaur Valley Girls (Creature F/X - Puppeteering / Miniatures) • Screamers (Special Make-up F/X Assistant) • Army of Darkness a.k.a. Evil Dead III (Prop Fabrication / Scenic Paint) • Silent Night Deadly Night IV: Initiation (Special Make-up F/X) • Howling VI: The Freaks (Puppeteering) • Radio Flyer (Special Make-up F/X Assistant) • Bride of the Re-animator (Special Make-up F/X Assistant) • The Playroom a.k.a. Schizo (Puppeteering) • Gross Anatomy (Special Make-up F/X Assistant) • OTHER: Dinosaur Valley Girls Allosaurus Model Kit (Sculpting / Paint Match to Original) • Hercules Parade Floats, Disneyland (Special F/X Artist) • Orkin Commercial (Puppeteering) • Bell of Canada Commercial (Creature F/X - Sculpting / Moldmaking) • Electrolysis Needle Fabricator (A.R. Hinkle Company)

  • Festival Committee Chair: Resource Coordinator at SouthSide Film Festival

    Worked/Coordinated in Collaboration with: Filmmaker Coordinator • Venue Coordinator • Press Release Coordinators

  • Wardrobe/Dresser at State Theatre

    "Saturday Night Fever"

  • Scenic Painter at Tribal Scenery

    Various TV Commercials (Practical & Miniature Sets): Dodge Intrepid • Nike • Milky Way • Nestle

  • Scenic Painter at Isolated Ground

    Various TV Commercials (Practical & Miniature Sets) -- Snapple

  • Miniature Paint Supervisor at Isolated Ground

    Pert Shampoo Commercial

  • Group Show Artist at Wake Me When I'm Famous Art Gallery

    Sculpture Installation Piece, Created in Collaboration with Todd Masters

  • Head Scenic Painter at Stargate Films

    US MARINES Commercial: "Rite Of Passage" (Practical & Miniature Sets)

  • Scenic Painter at Dallas Music Hall at Fair Park

    "Andrew Lloyd Webber - Music of the Night"

  • Scenic Artist at TW Design

    Trade Shows • Toy Fair • Mattel

  • Staff Artist/Scenic Painter at Dallas Stage Scenery

    Dallas Opera • Mary Kay Trade Show

  • Associate Producer/Make-up at "What do Women Really Want?"


  • Shop Assistant at Landmark Entertainment Group

    OITA Mini Plants

  • Special Effects Artist at Screaming Mad George

    "Silent Night Deadly Night IV: Initiation"

  • Fiberglass Mold-Maker at Landmark Roboshop

    Fiberglass Moldmaking Assistant

  • Billboard Artist at Toni Joni Art Studio

    Music Industry Advertising • Tower Records, Sunset Blvd.

Tamar Dick's Education:

  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

    Certified Open Water Diver - 3 Recreation/Physical Education College Credits (ACE)
    Concentration: SCUBA Open Water Diver, Underwater Navigator Specialty, Deep Diver Specialty
    Activities: Confined Water Dives, Open Water Dives, Safety Procedures, Emergency First Aid, Stage Decompression, Physical Science, Underwater Rescue, Navy Dive Tables, Boat & Beach Entry, Signaling Techniques, Free Diving
  • Mentorship Programs / Pennsylvania

    Art • Conceptual Design • Sculpture • Construction • Stone Masonry
    Concentration: Project Planning, Drawing, Conceptual Illustration & Design, Sculpting (Mixed Media), Stone Masonry, Grant Writing, General Construction, Blueprint Reading, Floor Plan Design, Non-Profit Organizations...
    Activities: Apprentice to Ernest Zipparo, Stone Mason • Roseto, Pennsylvania • 1987 to 1988 Apprentice to artist Terry Niedzialek • Bangor, Pennsylvania • 1988 to 1989
  • United States Space Camp

    Certificate of Graduation - 1 General Science Credit (University of Alabama-Huntsville)
    Concentration: Advanced Space Academy
    Activities: Explore Topics in Science and Technology in Innovative Ways, Challenging and Improving Interpersonal Skills Such as Teamwork and Communication, Space History, Physical Science; Motions and Forces, Astronaut Training & Simulators: 1/6th Chair, Multi-Axis Trainer, Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), G Force, Space Shot, Spacewalk Simulator, Climbing Wall, Crew Systems, Water Activities (SCUBA), Simulated Missions; Role of a Member of Mission Control (Launch/Landing Director); Mission Orientation, Shuttle Orientation, Mission Training, Script Practice, Shuttle Mission & Mission Debriefing, Science as Inquiry; Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry, Conducted the Types of Experiments Performed on the International Space Station Using the Scientific Method, Problem Solving and the Types of Experiments Performed in Orbit, Teambuilding Course; (Teamleader), Designed Modular Space Station (Conceptual Drawings) That Met Particular Engineering Objectives in the International Space Station Computer Simulation

Tamar Dick's Interests & Activities:

Aesthetics • Themed Environments • Art Conservation • Natural Decay in Nature as Textural Reference • Automated Showcase Design • Pocket & Drop Shelving Design • General Acoustics • Audio/Visual Design and Construction for Home Theater Systems • Themed Environment Design • Themed Lighting Design • Architectural Enhancement & Showcasing Using Special Lighting Effects • Science • Oceaneering • Online Research • New Ideas & Technology • Philosophy Studies • SCUBA Diving • Snorkeling • Free Diving • Plant Biology • Entomology • Social Justice • Health Education • Disease Prevention/Longevity Research • Permaculture • Landscaping • Hiking • Bicycling • Rock Climbing • Mountaineering • Progressive Medicine

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